Rick Smith Foundation Seminar

Seminar Season has officially begun!

We are very excited to be hosting our long time friend and mentor Rick Smith for a Foundation Seminar June 16-17. This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to have a better working relationship with your dog. In our opinion it is the best money and time you can spend with and for your dog. 

This is the first level of training for your bird dog, no matter your level of expertise.  Start your dog’s training by teaching him/her the bird dog basics:

  • Go with you
  • Come to you
  •  Stand/ Sit still


This seminar will show how to

  • Introduce your dog to birds
  • Begin pointing and backing exercises
  • Develop points of contact
  • Teach your dog to calmly Heel beside you.


Contact us for more details!

Spring Chicken Camp

We have huge things planned for Spring 2018!

We will roll out all of the big news one post at a time!

First, Spring Chicken Camp is just around the corner. This is an excellent opportunity for all dogs young and old to get to hunt wild birds. Chicken Camp will run from March 1st until April 15th. This allows the dogs to have up to 45 days of wild bird contact. That is a whole extra season!

Contact us today to reserve your dog's spot. This is great for the puppy that needs bird exposure and also the mature dogs that are going stir crazy waiting for training season to begin! 

Puppies Meet Pigeons

Disclaimer: No pigeons were harmed in the making of this morning's fun. 

5 weeks!

The puppies are becoming more active every day. Their colors and personalities are really starting to come out. The two big males seem to be the most laid back of the group. The three girls and little male seem to be full of energy and fearless all the time. It has really been fun to watch them develop. One male is available to a hunting/active family. 

First Baths

The pups are 4 weeks old and had their first official baths today. Color update! 

Female #1-Eye patch/ear patch-Tricolor

Female #2- Orange, not too much ticking

Female #3- Orange, Looks like she will be quite dark. 

Male #1- Ear patch, Chestnut-tri, big boy

Male #2-Eye Mark, Chestnut-tri, smaller boy

Male #3-Spot on back, Tricolor

Three Weeks!

The puppies have started to explore! They are growing and finding their voices. A male is available at this time, to a hunting home. 

Females: Tri-color eye patch, Blue Belton (or Tri), Orange Belton (maybe)

Males: 2 Chestnut-tri colors and a Blue Belton

Puppies-One week old

Sylvie and Cider welcomed 6 puppies on April 13th. 3 Males and 3 Females. All puppies are doing well and growing rapidly. As of right now all of the females are sold, males are still available. We are very excited to see how their personalities develop and to watch their coloring develop. Their eyes are starting to open and ears are not too far behind!